Development prospect of high borosilicate glass bottle

Glass bottle packaging is highly recyclable, which makes it an ideal choice for packaging materials from an environmental point of view. Recycling 6 tons of glass can directly save 6 tons of resources and reduce 1 ton of CO2 emission.

The production method of high borosilicate glass bottle is tube, the capacity is from 5ml to 400ml, and it is widely used. Capsules, tablets, powder, health care products will be filled in high borosilicate glass bottles. It can be seen that high borosilicate glass bottle has many advantages. What is the market prospect of high borosilicate glass bottles.

The glass bottle made of high borosilicate glass is green, transparent, with good texture, strong mechanical properties, strong performance for extremely cold and extremely hot temperature changes, and strong corrosion resistance for acid, alkali and other chemicals. High borosilicate glass contains broken glass. Broken glass can not only utilize waste, but also be used reasonably, It can also speed up the glass melting process, reduce the heat consumption of glass melting, so as to reduce the production cost of glass and increase the output. At the same time, the high borosilicate glass bottle also has the advantages of transparency, hardness, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, electrical and optical properties. The chemical stability of high borosilicate glass bottle is good, and it will not react with the contents.

High borosilicate glass bottle is non-toxic and tasteless, with high transparency. No matter what kind of cover it is equipped with, it has beautiful appearance, which can improve the product grade and marketing means. As the saying goes, “Buddha wants gold, people want clothes”. Products are no exception. It has become a kind of consumer behavior with Chinese characteristics to choose products based on appearance. Therefore, high-grade packaging equipment such as high borosilicate glass bottle is very important for marketing. Therefore, the market development prospect of high borosilicate glass bottle is also very good.

Post time: Jul-23-2021


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